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Fabric Color and Patterns

There are thousands of different fabric colors and patterns available for your Commercial Awning Contractors commercial awnings for your retail business or industrial application . A Commercial Awning service representative will work with you to select a fabric appropriate for your fabric awnings and provide samples of the many fabrics available. We use only the best, Sunbrella Fabrics.


All of the fabrics used for our commercial fabric awnings have good abrasion resistance and will typically last between five to fifteen years, depending on fabric type, climate, and proper fabric care.

Fabric Warranty

All fabrics used for our commercial abric awnings are warranted by the fabric manufacturer and directly by Commercial Awning Contractors. Fabric awning warranties generally cover colorfastness, rot and mildew. Commercial Awning Contractors will supply copies of fabric warranties upon request.

Fabric Types

Solution-dyed acrylic (Sometimes called Canvas)
Solution-dyed acrylic is a woven fabric. Acrylic is a generic name for mixtures of at least 85 percent of acrylonitrile. The other 15 percent consists of various additives, such as chemicals that provide UV light, mildew and water protection. The loose weave makes it highly breathable, so hot air and moisture will not be trapped. We proudly uses Sunbrella Fabrics.

Vinyl-coated polyester
These standard fabrics include opaque and translucent materials which are translucent depending on their color. Vinyl-laminated polyesters are resistant to UV light, mildew and water and are actually recommended for use in areas of sustained high humidity. They make cleaning your fabric awning easier!

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